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Getting your plan off to the right start

Welcome. We’re here to help.

Offering health accounts to your employees is a great benefit. Helping them make the most of their benefits is just as important.
That’s where we can help. These resources help you prepare for open enrollment and transferring your employees’ HSAs.

Open enrollment

Optum Financial offers a suite of educational resources to help increase health account enrollment and employee engagement.

These are designed to integrate with a benefit fair that your company can run for your employees or with a third-party vendor.

Browse the site or skim through our Frequently Used Resources Guide to see what meets your needs.

Setting up your plan?

New clients often schedule open enrollment at the same time they set up their plan at Optum Financial.

To help ensure a seamless experience when setting up your plan, see our HSA Employer Administration Guide.

Transfer HSAs

After you set up your plan and employee contributions begin, you can transfer your employees’ existing HSA balances to Optum Financial in one of two ways:

Transfer FAQs

Frequently asked questions